What is Recovery Coaching?
Recovery Coaching is a proven process that helps people break free from compulsive behaviors. It goes further empowering Sex Addicts to live spiritually free and sexual healthy lives.
Recovery Coaches provide help for current problem and is distinct from Counseling which focuses on long-term issues that often develop in childhood.
What is Recovery from Sexual Addiction?
Recovery is a profound internal life-transformation, one that includes much more than "staying sober." Eliminating harmful behaviors is crucial, but more important is establishing a new kind of life wherein a person thinks and acts differently than he did before.
In my experience, the most important component of Recovery is what the Twelve Step programs call "rigorous honesty." For Sex Addicts, "rigorous honesty" is a very difficult process, and it often takes a long time to make noticeable progress. But, the good news is, it can be done - "one day at a time." Success requires a variety of tools and resources, and many find that Recovery Coaching facilitates their pursuit of a full and healthy life.
What kind of Coaching do you Offer?
Group Coaching - I lead Recovery Coaching groups via the telephone and internet. The beauty of this is that you can participate in those calls from wherever you are located. My groups meet once a week and provide the following Recovery support:
  • A weekly check-in and an opportunity to process current questions or problems.
  • A confidential and safe place to be yourself and to talk about the issues you are facing.
  • Accountability to a group of 5 to 7 like-minded Men.
  • Insights from a Professionally Trained and Experienced Recovery Coach.
  • Guided feedback and support from the other Men in the group.
  • Ongoing support for as long as you find it helpful.
  • An affordable, accessible and convenient addition to your Recovery toolkit.
Individual Coaching - Please contact me at (310) 415-9755 for information about Individual Coaching.