Group Coaching Agreement

This document is for the purpose of creating an agreement between the Support Group Member (signature below) and the Recovery Group facilitated by Tom Morrissey. The following represents the understanding by which the participants agree:

1. Group members are expected to treat each other with dignity and respect.

2. This is a "working support group"; it is important that the members actively participate for everyone to get the full benefit of the group.

3. THIS IS NOT A PSYCHOTHERAPY GROUP. We do not deal with individual psychotherapy issues in group sessions.

4. Members will refrain from giving advice, but will speak from their own experience during and after the group session.

5. Members will attend the group on time; this is a requirement for each group member.

6. It is understood that the group will meet once per week unless prior notice is given to the client.

7. The fee for the group will be $125 / month and will be billed prior to the first group meeting of each month. This fee will cover all meetings in the month regardless of the actual number of meetings (4 or 5). The will be no refunds for missed meetings.

8. Each group member agrees to a minimum of a two month commitment. If a group member decides to leave prematurely, the group member will still be billed for the remainder of the two months.


9. The groups are not "drop-in" type; weekly attendance is expected. Regular attendance works best for the benefit of the individual and group.


10. Group members agree to receive feedback from other group members. Kindness and compassion is expected for any feedback and Tom Morrissey will administer this as necessary.



a. This group is designed for Men only (who have signed this     agreement) and meets weekly. Members agree to maintain confidentiality and group integrity by not allowing others to listen to or interrupt group calls. PLEASE NOTE THAT CONFIDENTIALITY CANNOT BE GUARANTEED IN ANY GROUP SETTING.

b. Sex Addicts have a very difficult time telling the truth about their sexual behaviors. In light of that, it is desired that we create a "safe environment" for all to share in an honest and forthright manner.

c. Please understand that there may be a Mandated Reporter on the calls and if someone discloses Illegal Activities he may be reported to the authorities.

I attest that I have all the above information and that I understand the conditions as stated. The undersigned releases Tom Morrissey from any claim to litigation whatsoever arising from the undersigned's participation. I agree to fully accept the above terms and conditions of this agreement.


    (Name)                              (Signature)                                 (Date)